Installation on MacOS

System requirements

  • You need at least MacOS 10.13.4. Older versions have issues with the new Docker disk image, and can cause file corruption.
  • MacOS Catalina (10.15) isn't tested yet, so it's not recommended to update if you're on MacOS 10.13 or MacOS 10.14 already.
  • 4 GB RAM allocatable to Docker
  • at least 10 GB disk space on SSD allocatable for Docker

Software requirements

docker desktop

minimal docker version

The minimum required version is Docker for Mac 18.06.0.
Previous versions have serious performance penalties.

  • Download the latest stable Docker Desktop for Mac release (currently and install it.
  • Do NOT create an account or log in to Docker if you don't need it for another tool.
    Launchpad doesn't need it, and it has no benefit creating one.
  • Configure it (Click on the whale in the toolbar and click on Preferences...)
  • Ensure the Disk format is raw (see the extension at the end of the Disk image location line)
    Docker for Mac - disk
  • If you installed Docker before and the disk form isn't raw, click on reset in the right corner, and choose Reset disk image.
    Verify afterwards the disk format actually changed.
    Docker for Mac - reset
  • Allocate 4GB RAM for Docker to run smooth.
    Docker for Mac - resources