Supported versions

All versions supported by wodby/base-solr can be used.
But Dropsolid Platform currently uses Solr 6.6.5.

Base image

As the official Solr docker images don't have an alpine version anymore (see github issue), we switched to the wodby images


Solr support can be enabled by passing the --solr service flag when starting up a project.
With the --solr_version service setting you can specify the version.

Services and service settings can also be specified in a .dlp.yml file.
See project configuration for more info.


You can access the Solr admin UI via https://solr.<project>.docker.localhost:444/


By default Launchpad provides the necessery config and environment variables to work out of the box.
A core with the project name is created.

Populate the config of the default core on project start

If the Solr configuration info is available in [PROJECT_ROOT]/etc/solr directory of the project, the default core will be pre populated.

Add a core

This can be done through the Solr admin UI.
There is no Launchpad functionality to specify extra cores.

Remove a core

This can be done through the Solr admin UI.

Configure Search API Solr in Drupal

  • When using Search API Solr 8.x-2.x or higher, don't copy the default config from the solr-conf-templates folders, but use the generated config instead.
    See the readme how you can do this with the UI or drush.

  • When using Search API Solr 8.x-2.x or higher, don't forget to set solr.install.dir value to ../../../.. See here and here for documention.

Prune all solr data and config

If somehow you can't delete or update the config of a core through the Solr admin UI, you can manually remove the stored data. * stop the project * remove [PROJECT_ROOT]/.docker-data/solr * start the project again


launchpad has support for Solr, hurray. Currently it supports Solr 5.5 (default for Drupal 7) and 6.6 (default for Drupal 8). When you specify that you need Solr for a project, launchpad will do following tasks:

add the necessary Solr container with a project specific core to the Docker stack of the project.


For Drupal 7, it assumes you use search_api_solr_overrides to override Search API solr settings. For Drupal 8, a CMI override is added in settings.php